Collar Magic

The End Of The Tight Shirt Collar

836 Browns Line

By The Shirt Doctor
collar resizing in South Etobicoke

Has this ever happened to you?

collar resizingYou buy a really nice, expensive shirt, and after a few months of taking it to the laundry, you can no longer wear it because the collar is Too Tight! The shirt is still in very good condition but now it’s uncomfortable to wear. And, it’s not because you’ve gained weight.

Well, now there is no reason to stop wearing it or to throw it away. Collar Magic ™ has developed a patent pending process whereby they guarantee to return your collar to its original size or you get your money back.

For only $15.75 (includes cleaning and hand pressing) you can now have that shirt fitting and feeling new again.

About Collar Magic™

CollarMagic™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fazzari Design Tailor Ltd., and is located at 836 Browns Line, Toronto, Ontario, M8W 3W2. Collar Magic™ is offering master franchise contracts in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Bermuda and Germany. If you are interested in either a franchise opportunity or acting as an independent sales representative,