Collar Magic

The End Of The Tight Shirt Collar

836 Browns Line

By The Shirt Doctor
collar resizing guarantee

The Collar Magic™ Guarantee

Using its patent pending process, Collar Magic is able to guarantee that your shirt collars never shrink. By having your restored shirts regularly cleaned at a Collar Magicauthorized cleaners and you’ll never have to worry about them shrinking again.

This guarantee can only be made if you use a Collar Magicauthorized cleaner. It’s similar to a car warranty wherein you must visit an authorized dealer for regular service in order to maintain your warranty.

Should you not be able to regularly clean your shirts at a Collar Magicauthorized cleaner, Collar Magicis willing to offer you subsequent collar restorations at a price of $9.99 a shirt.

This price includes the restoration, cleaning, and hand pressing.